Specialising in printing plastics, metals and reflective materials for
electronics, commercial and industrial applications.
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Our strength lies in our staff and their extensive knowledge. We invest heavily in ensuring that we are at the forefront of technical knowledge relating to our industry.


We are active participants in forums such as the USA based ASTM Membrane Switch standards sub-committee, and our founders are long standing office holders in the Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging (SGIAA) Industry Association. We travel extensively to tradeshows throughout the world to keep abreast of new developments.

This network of affiliations and alliances allows us to quickly determine the most cost effective way to meet your objectives.

Even if your requirements are simple, in many cases the benefits we deliver are due to the costs savings we can realise through our direct importing of materials and the ability to deliver specialised solutions in-house

Our machinery portfolio is highly specialised and includes flatbed digital machines, screen printing lines, hot stampers, lasers and die cutters.

Our production systems are controlled by M-Power, a comprehensive MRP system. This allows real time up to the second production status of any job in our system through shop floor scanning. Our key clients have real time access to our production system. This, in conjunction with our ISO9001 certified management system in our Brisbane office, ensure that you can reorder a product repeatedly over time and enjoy the same consistent quality.

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