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Smart Bus Network – Bus Stop Totems

The Victorian Government has been rolling out the Smartbus premium bus service network across Melbourne. A key feature of this initiative was a bus totem – a tower mounted at each stop which reports real time bus information.

On behalf of its client VMG Print Group had a key role in the manufacturing of visual elements of the bus totems. We produced the variable data graphics for the bus totems, printed polycarbonate fascia's and smart bus decals. The challenge was the variability of the data. Every stop on the route was individually customised with a unique array of:

  • Bus company logos
  • Stop names
  • Smart bus routes and standard bus  routes and destinations
  • Train or tram connections including directional arrows and distances to the connection 

The data for each bus stop was supplied in a 75 column spreadsheet. To cope with the complexity of the task a custom software program was developed to apply the myriad of business rules required to create a unique data finger print for each sign.

Graphics elements were then merged together using Adobe InDesign to create full visual proofs of each totem prior to manufacturing. The program then optimised the exact material requirements across the batch and created digital files for vinyl cutting and screen printing. The data was then exported into the production system which ensured that each stop was scanned individually at all stages of production, with the client approving and writing notes directly into the production system real time to flag changes as they were rolled out.

The application of custom data analysis models to conventional manufacturing processes allowed us to deliver a quality product, to a tight time schedule at the lowest possible manufacturing cost.


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